The interior design of CORKS is in line with the general concept. It was intended to create a warm, intimate and hospitable wine establishment, reinterpreting the existing natural elements and adding other almost classical, but extra-stylish items wherever the case presented itself. The wall stone was redecorated in warm colours, the natural parquet added the intimate layer, and the copper, green tones and earth hues can all be identified in the real vinicultural landscape.



A romantic area, with white wrought iron furniture cast in antiquated shapes and bulky pillows with floral prints. The entire garden is lively coloured by the multitude of flowers in hand painted pots.




The furniture is cozy, made of natural and comfortable materials and fabrics, and the warm lights cosher your sight. The large central table in the main hall represents in itself a socialising space and opportunity. Positioned under the chandelier made of wooden parts elegantly cut into wine bottle shapes and surrounded by chairs in different styles, colours and sizes, it invites you to straightforwardness and conversation.



The bar is made of copper, which mirrors the elegant Void fixtures, created by Tom Dixton.

The walls are decorated with original wine boxes, stone and wall tiles antiquated by hand. The kitchenette with its glass walls, where the CORKS plates are prepared, tempts you to savour the delicious fine cold cuts and the relishable sluggish cheese assortments  



The lobby, generously decorated with the labels of the wines present in the CORKS menu, leads you towards the Cellar Booth. This chamber maintains the original brickwork ceiling of the building (the building having recently been fully reinforced). The Cellar Booth is furnished as a wine and champagne library, where you may peacefully study the entire CORKS range in the company of those close to your heart. Or you may select the perfect gift for any wine lover while savouring your favourite wine variety or wine-blending.